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Thanks Steve for the inspection.  It was more detailed than I expected  I call you if I have any questions.  Dan and Helen.

Thankyou for the education Steve.  I thought I had a good understanding of how the house worked going in but that wasn’t the case.  By the end though I sure did.  Thanks again.  Hugh.

… and your advice on how to deal with the foundation water problem sure saved us a lot of money.  We were going to dig the whole house foundation up and install new weeping tile.  Judy and Fred

Thanks Steve for the report.  I emailed it to my father in the UK the second you sent it and he said I should go ahead.  He had no questions about the report but was suprized it got to him so fast.  Casandra.

Thanks Steve.  Thourough inspection.  Sid.

…and especialy thanks for getting up to the chimney and finding the source of the staining in the livingroom.  Heights are not our thing.  Karen and Phil.

 Your the best.  So long as you are not out of town (usualy at a Scout camp) I send you all my clients.  Susan.

Thanks for the prompt and detailed report.  It answered the questions we had.  Doug.

This isnpection was totaly different from our last inspection.  So much better!  Sundeep.

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